Sunday, May 06, 2007

Isang Tanong – Senatoriables Forum: May 06, 2007

GMA 7 should be commended for coming up this very informative and creative show, Isang Tanong. All senatoriables in the forum pick one question in a ballot box. They are given one minute to answer it , plus media members are also allowed to ask one question per senatoriable . I regret I wasn’t able to watch it’s first part last April 31 2007.

These are SOME of my transcriptions during the forum. Bato-bato sa langit.

Legarda: How will you concretely ensure an honest and fair election?
Montano: Magdasal po tayo mga kababayan.

Vicky Morales: Bukod sa paggawa ng batas, ano pa ang dapat gawin ng isang senador?
Melchor Chavez: Iboto ang KBL, tama na ang pagnanakaw, itigil na ang pagnanakaw sa gobyerno. Hindi po ako magnanakaw.

Mike Enriquez: Pabor ba kayo sa Charter Change?
Pichay: Pabor ako sa charter change kaya ako tumatakbo bilang senador.

Howe Severino: Sino ang mas mahusay na presidente Erap o Gloria?
Oreta: Ay hindi naman natapos ni Erap ang pagkapresidente kaya hindi ko masasabi.

Tanong mula sa Ballot Box: Paano nyo babawiin ang mga milyong ginastos nyo sa election?
Melchor Chavez. Mali ang tanong na yan, kasi wala pa naman po akong milyong ginastos sa kampanya ko.

Pichay: What are your ideas of reinventing the bureaucracy?
Oreta: Mahirap umpisahan yan. Alisin ang casuals kasi hindi ito kailangan.

Media Member: Minamaliit mo ba ang LGU na position?
Coco: Ayokong hanapan ng problema yung paano ipapalibing ang namatayan. Its my preference of mind.

Wennie Monsod: Ano ang problema sa kasong plunder ni Erap na umabot na ng six years?
Eduardo Opilla: Kulang ng pgmamahal at pag-uunawa ang taong bayan at mga lider.

At the end of the show, all senatoriables are given 30 seconds to answer this one question.


Legarda: Akoy mapagmahal.
Defensor: Ako lang ang tumatakbo na may pinanggalingan sa Kabinete.
Gomez: I want to make use of my full potentials.
Lacson: Ako lang and di tumanggap ng Pork Barrel
Paredes III: Manininidigan ako.
Victor Wood: Baguhin ang election code.
Montano. Ipaglalaban ko ang hinaing ninyo.
Lozano: Wala ng Pilipino ang mahirap. Tulungan si Imelda sa kanyang adhikain
Pichay: Bigyan ng tinig ang Mindanao.
Pangilinan: Dapat ang namumuno may paninindigan, may isang salita.
Melchor Chavez: Hindi ho ako magnanakaw.
Oreta: Dapat baguhin ang ating kalooban.
Coco: I am a problem solver.
Orpilla: Talamak ang droga sa bansa.

It's seems like, I am watching a beauty contest.

Host: How will you help to improve the lives of the Filipino People?
Contestant: I believe that we should be receptive to new ideas and we must believe in the power of heavenly father because without him, we are nothing.

Or listening to a joke.

Barkada1: Idescribe mo naman mukha ng gf mo sa amin?
Barkada2: Mahilig siyang magbasa ng libro. Mabait siya, Pasensyosa.
Barkada3: Paano namin siya makikilala?
Barkada2: May kaya ang pamilya niya.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spiderman III- Messy but Cool

Making a re-make or a sequel of a hit movie is a great challenge for producers, director/s, the staff, crew, and the casts. The sequel either falls into an abyss of comparison and get drown with the original’s created fad or surpasses the original and make another sequel, three, four, and so on. In local cinema, we had that Mano Po 1, 2, where the rest is history. We have X-Men, The Matrix, Batman, Shrek among many others, and off course Spiderman. Spiderman 2 was a hit, a superb, last 2004 more than that of its first installation last 2002. And so it paved the way why millions of people were waiting its Philippine Premier yesterday, May 1. The question is will Spiderman 3 can make a bravura performance that shall me keep me waiting for two years to watch its fourth installation.


The movie is not what i am expecting. It's major flaw is the plot which is a mess. The central theme which is revenge of the four superhuman character is not establish on the first 30 minutes of the movie, yah, its four, Peter Parker, Harry, Toxin/Venom and Sand Man. The revenge plot is too shallow and does not converge with each other. The first 30 minutes drags on the three main characters, Harry, Peter and MJ which makes me think that this movie must be a romantic comedy. MJ taking center stage in a broadway does not in any way connects with the whole theme. Peter change of character is very cool but became a movie extender. New Goblin’s role is the fabric that connects the major parts(like that of Wolverine in X-Men 2) portrayed by James Franco who makes a powerful presence. The trio relationship is an “over-kill” and there is so much mushy, unnecessary crying.

There are idiotic scenes, such as the the kids were like watching a movie within the periphery of the fight scenes makings ahh, and owws while the bombs are exploding and heavy debris are falling. Aren’t they scared, on the contrary they were very entertained.

The movie was saved by its very cool effects, the spidey moves of black Spiderman , detailed moves of the Sand man, the flying and explosion of Goblins bomb, and the growling of Venom, though in general its not as action- packed as the first and the second. The fighting square between Venom, Spider, New Goblin and Sand Man explodes my yes, shit, hands and popcorns. The morality stand point of the film is boring but amazingly creates a unanimous agreement which saves the film.

Its not a bad film after all, not a good film either. Says Clint Morris,
“I think we’ve begun to expect so much from the Spider-Man movies that when one isn’t quite as good as the other it stands out like a wart on an ear lobe.”

I hope they will do better on the 4th installation. After all, its not the movie production, the flawless plot, that keeps me waiting this movie, its simply because I grew up on this kind of nurturing and lifestyle. Talking about cultural imperialism hah..